Speaking & Training

Securing the right speaker for your event or team is critical to ensuring the success of any meeting or training session. Mike offers a variety of impactful and high-energy speaking and training programs that can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Mike’s experience over the past 25 years in senior leadership and consulting positions with sports agencies, properties, and highly respected corporate brands has provided him with the expertise and ‘been there, done that’ stories to educate and entertain you and your team.  His insights and experiences are woven into the speaking topics and workshops below to create a dynamic learning environment.

These sessions can be packaged into Boot Camp sessions or done in individual programs based on your need to define, protect, manage, and build your reputation.  Mike can tailor the message and activities to match the time you have allotted for you and your team, whether that is 30, 60, 90-minute sessions or 2-hour, 3-hour or half-day immersive workshops.

One-Degree of Behavior to Drive Your Brand & Business

  • Learn the critical mindset that every business leader or entrepreneur needs to be aware of in order to create long-term value and success.

How to Turn Crisis into Opportunity

  • Take away the key steps that will not only allow you to survive a crisis event, but teach you and your organization how to thrive afterward!

Never Let Crisis Surprise You! Critical Steps for Crisis Management

  • Create your crisis checklist so that an attack doesn’t catch you or your team unprepared, which could devastate your business and legacy.

1 Killer Strategy to Protect Your Reputation

  • By using this one strategy, you and your team can protect and strengthen your reputation to attract and retain customers, prospects and key talent – and keep using it in the future!

3 Steps to Drive Reputation Influence during Times of Uncertainty

  • Learn the three steps that will position you as an influencer and build your reputation during times when people are looking for leaders.

4 Vital Steps to Build Business Reputation

  • Learn the vital steps that every business owner and entrepreneur must know in order to build and maintain a reputation that will drive opportunity and success.

Who are Your Reputation Spotters? How to Create Your Personal Reputation Audit

  • Take away the key steps for not only understanding where your reputation stands, but how to create the blueprint for strengthening and enhancing your greatest asset – your reputation.

3 Essential Filters to Ensure Consistent Brand & Consumer Engagement

  • Learn the step-by-step process all brand managers and marketers need to ensure their activation programs truly resonate with your key audience to build brand value.

How Reputation will Drive or Run-Over Your Business

  • Understand the critical areas of how and where reputation will help or hurt your business and learn key strategies to protect your brand.

5-Proven Steps to Drive Market Distinction & Revenue through Reputation

  • Learn the proven steps used for sports properties and global brands to leverage reputation to drive market distinction as well as brand revenue.

3 Vital Recovery Steps to Take in Wake of a Crisis

  • Now that your crisis has been managed and the flames have been put out, now what? Understand the critical steps for post-crisis recovery that will build trust among key audiences and enhance your reputation.

2 Keys for Repairing Your Reputation

  • The damage has been done, but your work to repair your reputation has just started! Take away the two critical elements for restoring your reputation that will not only rehab your reputation, but instill trust in your employees, customers, and prospects.


Recent Graduates & Young Leaders – Listen up!

Are you a recent graduate or young leader starting on your career path? The reputation you build today will be the foundation for your future opportunities!  It’s vital that you start the right way!

  • But how and where do you start?
  • How do you define what you want your reputation to be?
  • How do you start the process and build your plan for reputation success?

Mike has critical reputation sessions that will take the mystery out of building your greatest asset!

4 Vital Steps to Build Your Professional Reputation

  • Learn the vital steps that every young professional must know in order to build and maintain a reputation that will drive opportunity and success.

Defining Your Reputation Anchors – Why Your Values Matter!

  • This session is more than just identifying your core values.  You will leave this session knowing how your values will anchor you in the ‘real world’ and how to make them the foundation of your reputation.

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What Will I Deliver?

  • Practical, proactive and easy-to-implement strategies for assessing, building and strengthening your greatest natural resource – your reputation.
  • Hands-on activities for individuals to personalize and use Mike’s lessons beyond your event.
  • Entertaining, real-life stories from Mike’s 20-plus year career in motorsports that will drive home key take-away messages about the power of personal reputation management.
  • Relevant, interactive in-the-news examples of how and why reputations have come under attack in order for attendees to better see the ‘danger’ signs.
  • Inspiration and empowerment to proactively create, maintain or develop a reputation that will lead to a more opportunity-rich life.
  • A deeper understanding of the value of reputations and why leaders, entrepreneurs or anyone looking for personal or professional development must work on this every day.

My Commitment to You:

  • Prompt and courteous responses to your email requests or questions.
  • Scheduled one-on-one phone consultation in advance of your event in order to best understand your objectives, audience, and expectations in order to deliver a successful engagement during the time you have allotted.
  • Use of my Social Media channels to promote your upcoming event, using approved messaging.
  • Deliver a professional and interactive presentation designed to reach the objectives you are seeking for your employees or event attendees.
  • Scheduled post-event conversation to ensure that expectations were met for your event.


Speaker Programs

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Event Breakout Sessions
  • Full-Day Training Sessions
  • Half-Day Training Sessions

College Leadership Programs

  • The power and impact of personal reputations among leaders is immeasurable. Mike has developed a multi-module curriculum that can be used by higher education institutions for it leadership development programs.
  • Much like Mike’s engaging approach to speaking and training sessions, he will work with you to design an impactful and action-oriented session for emerging leaders at your university or college campus.


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