Well, How Much Is It Worth?

If I were to ask you right now how much is your reputation worth, what would that monetary value be? Go ahead … give it a try!

It’s hard to put a value on something that we may think is intangible, right?  How intangible is your company going out of business because of a bad reputation?  Can you think of a person who can’t seem to land a job because they have a poor reputation?  Now those are pretty tangible examples and a reality for many people!

The ironic twist around reputations is that we typically don’t pay much attention to them until they come under fire or the damage has been done. And then what? Are you prepared to protect and repair it?

However, the opposite is also true that building and maintaining a strong reputation can truly lead to a more opportunity-rich life.

Reputations Matter

Here’s one thing I’ve learned after working for more than a quarter of a century with athletes, executives, corporations, leagues and agencies crafting countless communications and crisis plans – reputations matter!

The reality is that there is a point when people will not want to work with you or be associated with you if you or your company have a bad reputation.

Check out some reputation stats here for an eye-opening experience!

Here’s the other reality – it’s all up to you and it all comes down to your values!

There are usually two themes to a brand or personal reputation crisis.

  1. It is typically self inflicted – it’s because of something we have done or failed to do that has caused an issue.
  2. Generally the behavior demonstrates a disconnect to our values – whether it was for a short-term gain or a complete disregard for what matters at our core.


We All Stumble … But Don’t Have To Fall!

This is not a high-horse approach to reputation management, rather a reality-based approach because we all stumble!

Since we will all fall short from time to time and the Social Media spotlight for criticism has intensified, so has the need for a hands-on approach to reputation management.

My commitment is to share both personal experiences that tested reputations as well as outline mainstream reputation crisis examples to shift your perspective on how you see and value your own reputation.  My hope is that these stories will lead you to action and empower you to develop, manage and grow your reputation on a daily basis.

Regardless if you are an individual looking to truly transform your reputation or if you are working for a company and responsible for that brand’s reputation, my resources, lessons and tips will benefit both personal and corporate efforts.

Mike’s Background

Communicating ideas, shaping both athlete and brand images while building and protecting reputations have been at the heart of Mike Mooney’s efforts for more than two decades in the sports arena.

Mike’s perspective and experience for developing effective message and activation strategies has come from holding senior-level positions across agency, corporate and team property roles. Mike has launched and led high-profile sponsorships for companies such as Sprint, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Sunoco, Mercedes-Benz, Kellogg’s, Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, Fifth Third Bank, Fastenal, AdvoCare, Safety-Kleen and Eli Lilly.

Mike saw a trend in the early-2000s between how reputations were being managed and the instantaneous nature of Social Media. We had to change our analog approach in the new digital world.

He began speaking with corporate leaders about the power of proactively developing reputation currency among key audiences and outlining strategies to leverage Social Media channels to do so.

These conversations and his experiences in motorsports led him to write Reputation Shift – 5 High-Performance Truths to Win in the Reputation Economy.  The book outlines a values-based approach to harnessing the power of reputations for leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to succeed not only in business, but life.

Mike is currently the Senior Vice President of Partner Relations for Roush Fenway Racing, one of NASCAR’s premier racing organizations, and is affiliated with Boston’s Fenway Sports Group. His responsibilities include internal leadership and resource development as well as strengthening team partner relationships by driving business results.

Mike is a graduate of Elon University where he earned a degree in Corporate Communications and where he was lucky enough to meet his future wife. He, his wife and three children live in Charlotte, North Carolina.