Well, How Much Is It Worth?

Reputation missteps cost people their careers and can take down businesses. Don’t believe that? Read the news and you’ll see plenty of examples on international, national, and local levels!

So, how much is your reputation worth? Give this a try – put a dollar value on your reputation.  What is that dollar amount? Some people say it’s worth 10x what their current salary.  Some will say it’s priceless, and others will say that they never thought about that.

The irony with reputations is that we often don’t pay attention to them until the damage has been done. And then what?

Remember, your reputation is all you have when all you have is lost!

Reputations Matter

Your reputation speaks for you when you are not there to speak for yourself. 

Think of your reputation like a halo that surrounds you.  People will either want to be in that halo or not based upon how your reputation will positively or negatively impact them.  This not only directly impacts your social circles, but also your professional opportunities.

So, what is your reputation saying about you?

Check out some reputation stats here for an eye-opening experience!


We All Stumble … But Don’t Have To Fall!

We are human, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared and can’t be proactive – especially when it comes to managing and protecting our reputations!

Mike shares both personal experiences as well as outlines mainstream reputation crisis examples that will shift your perspective on how you see, manage, and value your reputation.  These stories will lead you to action and empower you to develop, manage, and leverage one of your most valuable assets.

If you are an entrepreneur, leader, business owner or college student looking to truly stand out, Mike’s resources, lessons, and tips will benefit you personally and professionally.

Meet Mike

A passion for driving people forward sums up Mike’s approach to life.  Ever curious, committed, and enthusiastic, he genuinely connects with people to help them reach their personal or professional goals.

He has developed a trusted reputation over the last 25 years at senior-leadership posts in the fast-paced and high-profile world of motorsports where he delivered dynamic business results and – more importantly to him – nurtured long-standing relationships.

Having led numerous crisis and reputation management efforts over his career, Mike is a go-to resource for those in repair mode, but also those wanting proactive-branding and business-driving strategies.

Mike’s experiences in motorsports led him to write the acclaimed book Reputation Shift – 5 High-Performance Truths to Win in the Reputation Economy.  The book delivers actionable strategies and step-by-step plans for readers to protect, harness, and strengthen one of their most valuable and precious assets – their reputations!

Mike is a graduate of Elon University where he earned a degree in Corporate Communications and where he was lucky enough to meet his future wife. He, his wife and three children live in Charlotte, North Carolina.