2 Critical Components to Rebuild a Reputation

Are you committed to what it would take?

I am often asked if a person or company can recover from a reputation crisis.  The simple answer is, “yes”, but the effort and discipline it takes to do so is not that simple and is solely up to the individual or the leadership of an organization to act upon two vital elements – consistency […]

Crisis of Values

Power Plays, Life-Altering Consequences & Tarnished Legacies

Crisis of Values

We have a problem.  That’s right, we have a problem.  It’s not someone else’s problem – it’s our problem as leaders. The floodgates have burst opened through traditional and social media channels on the subject of people in power abusing their positions by taking advantage of those further down the organizational chart.  The storylines read […]

“Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs!”

Being Present & Aware Will Drive Your Reputation

signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

“Why didn’t I see that coming?” “How’d that happen?” “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” I was driving the other day and while stopped at a red light I looked over at the car next to me and saw a mother in the driver’s seat showing flash cards to her teenage son. As the […]

3 Steps Adidas Must Take in Wake of College Bribery Scandal

Strategies Your Brand Can Use to Keep its Stride

Adidas is the latest example of the risk that all brands are subject to because reputations rest upon the shoulders of those employees wearing its logo. Jim Gatto, head of marketing for Adidas’ basketball division, is one of 10 people who are at the center of an FBI investigation centered on a high school athlete/college […]

3 Steps to Increase Reputation Influence During Times of Uncertainty

A Lesson from Game of Thrones & the Departed Littlefinger

In the HBO Game of Thrones series a manipulative character named Petyr Baelish, better known as Littlefinger, said, “Chaos isn’t a pit.  Chaos is a ladder.”  Our current world, nation, states, and communities have their share of uncertainty, some may call chaos.  But how we approach and frame up this uncertainty can actually increase our reputation […]

Are You Involved or Are You Committed?

A Lesson in Leadership from NASCAR Icon Junior Johnson

Junior Johnson NASCAR Reputation

I was eating a bacon and egg breakfast the other morning and was reminded of a conversation I had with NASCAR Hall of Famer Junior Johnson several years ago around the question of involvement versus commitment. At the time, I was running the PR campaign for NASCAR’s 50th Anniversary where I had the great fortune […]

Quit Climbing Trees if You Were Made to Swim!

The Search for Personal Authenticity

Quit Climbing Trees if You Were Made to Swim! I’ve been thinking a lot about the word authenticity lately.  Authenticity, in my opinion, is powerful because it calls out our uniqueness, our individuality in our thoughts, reflections and, subsequently, our actions and interactions. There’s amazing power and liberation in simply being you.  Yet why is it […]

Mom Was Right, You Do Have A Halo!

Why Association Halos Matter Now

Mom was right. You do have a halo!

Mom was right, you do have a halo ::  To be clear, this is not a post talking about a religious halo or your spiritual aura – although, that is more than likely what your mom was referring to!!  But for now, what I’m talking about is the halo that your reputation has created around […]